Consumer credit termination

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You have just benefited from an inflow of money and you want to clean up your budget by canceling your consumption credit (s), then we will help you by explaining in detail the procedure to follow and to respect.

On the other hand, know now that, to cancel a loan, you must start by repaying the amounts borrowed . It is indeed not possible to terminate a loan without reimbursing the amounts borrowed.

Cancel an affected consumer loan

Cancel an affected consumer loan

An affected consumer loan can be terminated first by exercising its right of withdrawal and obviously by making an early repayment. In addition, as the assigned consumer credit is a credit contract which is linked to the purchase of a good or service. This characteristic offers an additional reason for termination, since it is possible to close the credit agreement in the event of cancellation of the sale.

  • Exercise your right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal protects the consumer by allowing him to cancel his credit agreement within 14 days of acceptance of the offer . To exercise this right, simply send a letter acknowledging receipt before the end of the 14-day period.

  • Make a prepayment

It is possible to make the early repayment of a consumer credit without any penalty, knowing that the total repayment leads to the automatic termination of the credit.

Terminate revolving credit

Terminate revolving credit

A revolving credit or revolving credit makes it possible to have a reserve of money, it is not enough to reimburse the sums borrowed to terminate the contract. This type of credit actually offers three possibilities for termination, during the withdrawal period, in the event of non-use or on the anniversary date or at any time.

  • The right to revoke a revolving credit

Following the acceptance of the credit, you have a withdrawal period of 14 days, during this period simply make a request by registered letter to terminate the contract.

  • Termination on the anniversary date

All revolving credit contracts provide for termination on the anniversary date, but since the Chatal law, it is possible to terminate the contract at any time upon request provided that all the borrowed amounts have been repaid.