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With the car loan Jenny, the direct bank once again proves its customer-friendly conditions. If you apply for a loan from Ing. Diba, contact Germany’s largest direct bank. Find out now about the conditions and conditions for the cheap online credit of Jenny Austria and just ask online! The current interest rates of Jenny in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinstallment loans. Due to the more complex processing, however, results in a slightly longer processing time.

Credit information Jenny

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For consumer loans, you will be offered frame loans, installment loans, auto loans and home loans. Car and home loans are earmarked special loans (car financing, modernization of housing and housing rehabilitation). The loan amount ranges from USD 2,500 to USD 25,000 for the framework loan and from USD 5,000 to USD 50,000 for the other loan products. In addition, we also offer you the option of private mortgage lending.

You can ask Jenny either via a comparison portal or via the Internet ( In a second step, income, maintenance obligations, housing situation, bank details and contact information are read. If there is no need for correction, you can initiate a preliminary check of your loan request in the fourth step. A Schufa query is also coupled to the preliminary check. Diba assures you of a “neutral Schufa request” that has no influence on your Schufa information and Schufa rating.

After the preliminary check you will receive either a non-binding price quotation with the conditions valid for you or a rejection of the credit. If the result is positive, you can then work out the application for a specific loan in the fifth step. Jenny receives the signed loan application together with the required proofs, which can alternatively be downloaded electronically. However, the procedure for such a loan request from Jenny is similar to that for consumer loans.

The Jenny Credit Experience & Service

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Fast payment transactions and free special repayment. As is known, the largest in Germany. The same applies to the Jenny personal loan, which overall has a fairly solid mediocrity. Nonetheless, Jenny Private Loans also have plenty of sun and sun. The loan amount can be set to 100 USD. The interest is credit and maturity independent. Jenny does not charge any prepayment fees for a partial or full repayment.

Jenny also grants installment loans to the self-employed. It can be reached by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The account verification secures the applicant when accepting statements. Jenny does not differentiate interest rates by creditworthiness or maturity. The same interest is valid for all customers.

Undoubtedly, there are credit institutions that value better creditworthy companies better. Even with other institutions, weaker borrowers pay considerably more for it. The representative calculation example assumes a loan of USD 5,000 with a maturity of 84 months. As this is a standard interest rate, the calculation of the two-thirds interest rate under the Price Indications Regulation (PAngV, Section 6a (4)) is omitted.

Jenny’s unified rate will benefit all of its competitors from lower interest rates, often close to 10%. The unit interest rate is a clear advantage for Deutsche Postbank from the Main. 2. The one who needs a loan to settle his discount in the value of 2,000 USD is at the correct address for the Jenny installment loan.

The Jenny amounts to at least 5,000 USD

This is the house bank with a maximum of 50,000 USD at the end of the pitch. On the positive side, however, the borrower can choose the loan amount almost exactly by valuing it in increments of 100 USD. Jenny has an almost complete electronic credit memo process, which enables the VideoIdent procedure, income verification in the current account as well as the electronic transmission of documents.

There is only one indication left, the applicant must print the order, sign it and send it by mail to the house bank. The time frame for payment of the money is therefore partly dependent on the applicant. On the day all documents are received in full at the house bank, the final examination of the application and payment of the amount takes place.

An absolute plus for the Jenny installment loan is the fact that the loan amount is also available for the self-employed. The applicant can do this up to three months in time. The same applies to the self-employed. The pleasure of securing the cheapest rate of interest can quickly turn into the opposite, if, for example, the problem of unscheduled eradication is on the agenda.